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How does it work?

How to Generate Faceless AI Videos

Learn the simple steps to create faceless AI videos with consistent characters and automate your video production process.

Step 1: Craft Your Story
Write a short story or let us create one for you.

Step 2: Generate Your Video
Wait for the video to be automatically generated based on your story. You can edit captions, the image prompt, the audio voice, etc.

Step 3: Merge and Upload
Merge all scenes seamlessly and upload your completed video.

They love our consistent video automation

“Just discovered and OMG, it's a game-changer for my YouTube and TikTok vids! Generating over $600 daily with 60-sec shorts with custom characters is so fun, and I can tweak scenes easily. Definitely my go-to now! #ContentCreator #VideoMarketing”

Sigit Rendang
Sigit Rendang

Creative Designer

“Running a small biz and found – love how it simplifies video creation! 60-sec clips look professional, and I can show off my products in style. Highly recommend! #SmallBusiness #SocialMedia”

Ilham Jawir
Ilham Jawir

Discord Moderator

“Using for my marketing gigs and loving it! Quick, slick 60-sec vids with custom characters? Yes, please! Makes my campaigns pop. #DigitalMarketing #VideoProduction”

Giga Chad
Giga Chad

CEO PT. Chad Selalu

How to Earn Money with Faceless AI Videos

For a brand new AI-automated channel, it is essential to warm up the account with consistent uploads. Users should:

This warming-up period is necessary before applying for monetization. Following this strategy can lead to seeing good results that can scale up to $2,000 a month.

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Faceless Videos with consistent characters on autopilot mode.